Making your home simpler and smarter

Each DEV Tech Home comes installed with a new Home Platform Ecosystem. Whats that? Check it out…

The Home Platform Makes.......

Your Plumbing Easy
Repair, Replace and Upgrade all of your homes plumbing
Your Electrical Accessible
Access all your electrical through our custom surface mounted systems
Your Kitchen Modular
Easily Upgrade Your Kitchen With Removable Countertops, and Click in Cabinets
Your Home Future Proof
Your home will be able to always be up to date




Upgrade your home with hundreds of products on our online store. All designed to be easy and affordable.



Do you not want to worry about your home? Not too handy? Choose from one of our service plans and well take care of you.



All your homes Tech is covered from now until forever with our system. Control, monitor and upgrade all systems in your house under our single platform.


Controlling home with a digital touch screen panel installed on the wall. Close-up on a screen with mobile application for managing smart devices

Touch Screen Displays

NEAT Homes come with Touch Screen Displays in every room. Control and monitor your home from any room on any screen.

Water Sensors

Every room in your home will have a water detection sensor. In the event it detects water, your house will shut of the main water supply.

Sensor for leaks and temperature on the floor. Flood sensor
PEX plumbing manifold for water distribution in new home construction. selective focus


Included is a MANA BLOC manifold. This allows you to shut off or turn on cold or hot water anywhere in the house.

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