NEAT Homes are Easier Simpler Smarter

All NEAT Homes are built on a platform that allows you to easily replace most things in your home.

We care about designing longer-lasting products that are easier to repair.

We care about reducing waste and making the most of what we already have.

Make Your Home Modular 


Easily upgrade your home Forever

Simple and NEAT

We make existing homes Simpler

A Solution for all your Homes Tech

We make existing homes ready for the Future

Most Homes are Dumb

We make existing homes Smart


We at DEV Tech believe in the right to repair your own property. And now for the first time, we are extending this vision to residential homes. No longer will you have to question weather your homes arteries and veins are in good health. With our system, you can now access the mission critical components of your NEAT Home.

System Demo Video