All Your Homes Tech.....In One BRAIN

open source inspired

A Modular Home For All Your Homes Tech

Making your whole house easy to use includes all the different systems in your house. Which is why we have created the BRAIN. A one stop shop that monitors and controls your entire house. Upgrade parts, download new features, and never worry about not keeping up with the pace of inovation. 

Together as one

ubuntu Desktop
Windows 10 Pro
Home Assistant
vMware virtualization
Combining Platforms

Its Easier When Everything is Under ONE Roof

Sometimes it can be over overwhelming using a dozen different apps to manage your home. The BRAIN will make your life easier by combining all your apps into one single easy to use point of access.  


Easy to use app

Our app combines all your homes control apps. Schedule a demo to see how it works.


touch screen controls

Most rooms in your NEAT Home will have a removable touch screen tablet to access your home via the brain. Customize your layout and monitor everything important.


endless upgrades

Much like your home, the BRAIN is built on a modular platform. So just like your home, your BRAIN will learn more and get new parts as the TECH gets better and better.


intuitive Health Check

With remote check up, our team will monitor your BRAINs health and systems. And if there is a problem your BRAIN will let you know with a smart color indicators.



We have designed your BRAIN to protect you and your family from outside intrusion. Because the BRAIN is so powerful, it is able to guard against the worst threat actors.



With your home connected to our ecosystem, you can extend that information to others for further benefit. Weather its watching for a fire, or detecting water, your house can help you more than ever before.

This Brain GROWS With You

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